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Our Services

Healthy Solutions, Tailor-Made for You


Skin Care  &  Oncology Services

Customized For Your Needs

Sara Beth's Skin Care offers a variety of facials to meet all of your skin care needs. All facials begin with a client consultation, during which we find out what areas we need to focus on. We take into account all sensitivities, medications, and skin concerns in order to create a custom service for every client. The goal for every facial is to provide you with the best quality care.

Makeup Services

Beauty Without Limits

My makeup specializes in creating beautiful and unique looks. We offer a variety of makeup services, ranging from everyday beauty makeup to special effects makeup for movies, fashion shows, and photoshoots. To get a better idea of my work, please check out my Instagram page where you can see some of the projects we have worked on. 

Instagram: @bethers_hack

Beauty Treatment
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